From club member Barbara Morris


We are so pleased with our boy, ‘D.J.’ (Flixtonia Captain Sunshine. )At just a year old he has passed his Scentwork UK Level 1 test! The first level on his Scentwork journey. DJ had to find and indicate the location of a clove-scented small piece of material. DJ freezes still, pointing with his nose where the scented material is. We had to find the locations of scent on a vehicle, boxes and bags, assorted articles and chairs and tables. (There were 8 chairs and two tables and DJ found the scent correctly on one of the chairs.)Such a super start DJ, who was a gentleman and enjoyed his day out. Massive thanks to Cath MANFIELD at DoggieDen, Wormelow, for getting us to this level & grateful thanks to Angela Leigh (Flixtonia) for breeding our wonderful boy!

Barb Morris


The Hamiltonstovare Club Of Great Britain are considering holding a BAD day (Breed Appreciation Day), in line with Kennel Club guidelines.

At this stage, it is only in the planning, with a possible venue situated somewhere in the Midlands, in order to be central.

As we are only a small club, it is essential that we receive sufficient numbers of those interested in progressing their knowledge of the breed standard, and knowledge of the breed in general, to make it feasibly to hold such an event.

Would anyone interested please E-mail me ( and register their name, address and telephone number and I will be in touch with them in due course, when we see the level of support we can expect to receive.

UPDATED 11/02/2002

WOW! what a response. As of today, we have almost 50 people who have registered their interest!!!